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In 2009 the Society for Sefardic Studies was established. The Society is affiliated to the Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of the Jewish Communities in the East and has its administrative center in Hispania Judaica at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


The Society incorporates scholars from all over the world whose research and interests are mainly concentrated in the history and culture of the Jews of Sefarad and their descendants in the east and in the west, in all fields and disciplines, including history, philosophy, mysticism, literature, languages, art, music, folklore,  education, archeology, liturgy, halakhah, Biblical and Talmudic studies etc. The purpose of the Society is to promote and coordinate research, organize conferences and workshops, offer information on research, publications and academic activities in the field of Sefardic studies. The Society will also encourage publications in the field.


            The definition of Sefarad for the society is the original meaning of the term, that is the entire Iberian peninsula, consisting of today's Spain and Portugal. The Society has three divisions:

1. Medieval and Modern Sefarad
2. The Eastern Sefardi Diaspora and Judeo-Spanish Studies
3. The Western Sefardi Diapora


You may join any of the Society’s three divisions. The founding members who participated in the first assembly decided that the membership fee will be for the time being 40 Euros, 50 US$ or 200 NS per annum (Graduate students: 20 Euros, $ 25, 100 NIS). At the electronic elections held in 2009, the registered members of the Society elected an Executive Board consisting of six members. The Executive Board will confirm the membership of new members in the future.


The Society has established a website which contains among other things a newsletter, the CV and list of publications and research projects of its members. All new publications of the members will be publicized on the website as soon as members send the relevant information. Conferences, workshops, seminars and any other academic activities organized by the members will be included on the website.  


Members can send in PDF any article that has already been published in any refereed journal to be included on the website, in the Review of Sefardic Studies. The PDF copy should be accompanied by a letter from the journal's editors permitting its inclusion in the Review where full credit will be given to the journal.


Colleagues who wish to join the Society should send their payment by check or cash, if they are in Israel, by check or credit card if they are outside Israel, as well as the registration form duly filled, to:

Mrs. Sarit Noy, The Ben-Zvi Institute, Abravanel St. 12, Jerusalem, Israel. All cheques should be payable to the Ben-Zvi Institute.


All other communications should be addressed to:

Dr. Raquel Sperber, Hispania Judaica, World Center for Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91095, Israel.

Tel: +972-2-5881630 Fax: +972-2-5881619 email:



The Society for Sefardic Studies

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