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Martin Stechauner

Institute of the Study of Religions, University of Vienna 
Center for Austrian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Since 2014: Co-Tutelle de Thèse between the University of Vienna and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Supervised by Prof. Wolfram Reiss (Vienna), Dr. Michael Silber (Jerusalem) and Prof. David Bunis (Jerusalem)
Since 2013: University of Vienna, Austria. Doctoral (PhD) Programme, Philosophy (sub-field: Study of
2005 – 2013: University of Vienna, Austria. Individual Diploma Programme (BA+MA), Study of Religions
Graduation: April 23 2013 (cum laude) Thesis topic: ‘Imagining Sephardic Diaspora’ (magna cum laude)
2010 – 2011 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. One year visiting programme (Rothberg School)
2000 – 2001: Colegio La Salle Margarita, Colón, Panamá. Grammar school (AFS intercultural student exchange programme)
1998 – 2003: Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium (BORG), St. Pölten, Austria. Grammar school

Academic Activities
2015 (forthcoming): The Sefardic Jews as a Minority, Safed, Israel, 28-30 June 2015, conference organised by the Society for Sefardic Studies, proposed paper accepted: ‘The Sephardic Jews of Vienna: A Twofold Minority’
2014: Multiple Jewries? New Perspectives on the History of the Jews in the Habsburg Empire, Vienna, Austria, 5-6 November 2014, conference organised by the Institute of Austrian Historical Research (University of Vienna), presenting the paper: ‘How Austrian were the Sephardic Jews of Vienna? Reflecting on the Foundation of the ‘Sefarad of the Danube’’ The Global Dimension in History and Historiography, University of Vienna, Austria 17-18
September 2014, doctoral seminar organised by the Association of Continental American and Caribbean Studies and Culture (KonaK Vienna), presenting the paper: ‘The Global Impact of the Year 1492 from a Jewish Perspective’ 18th Conference on Judeo-Spanish Studies, Madrid, Spain June 30-July 3 2014, organised by CCHS-CSIC (Madrid), Naime &
Yehoshua Salti Center for Ladino Studies (Bar-Ilan University), Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies (London University College), presenting the paper: ‘Imagining the Sephardic Community of Vienna’
2013: Second Sefardic Summer School, Sofia, Bulgaria, August 31-September 6 2013, organised by the Institute of the History of German Jews (Hamburg), presenting the paper: ‘Imagining Sephardic Diaspora’
2011: Sefarad an der Donau – Sefardic Jews in Another Environment: The Role of Vienna in the Cultural-Linguistic Sefardic Network, Vienna, Austria, June 26 – 29 2011, conference hosted at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2009: Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR), Messina, Italy, September 14-17 2009

e-mail – buenos.aires0708@gmail.com

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