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Anita Laura Fonseca

Master of Theology focusing on Sephardic Spirituality and Practices and their role
in cultivating resilience in times of trauma. Vancouver School of Theology, Canada (’17)
Master of Arts in Religion with concentration in Hebraic Spirituality and Trauma
Healing from Eastern Mennonite Seminary, U.S. (’15). Thesis focused on postmodern
studies in trauma and trauma healing and the role of Hebraic Spirituality and disciplines
in the psychological healing process.
B.A. in Journalism and Graphic Design with concentration in Photojournalism from
Goshen College, U.S.
Other interests: Peacebuilding, interreligious Spiritual Direction, Photography, Judezmo, Biblical Hebrew,
Arabic, Spanish, intersections between spirituality and neurology, Cognitive Science, Ancient History,
Religious rituals and Spiritual Practices.

E-mail address: abcfq@gmx.com
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