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Judith R. Cohen

Dr. Judith R. Cohen, ethnomusicologist
751 Euclid Avenue,  Toronto, Canada M6G 2V3    born:  Montréal, Québec 
Tél. 1 (416) 533-2666;  mobile:1 (416) 272-6410

Dr Judith R Cohen, based in Toronto, continues to carry out research and active fieldwork, as well as frequent performances and workshops, on Sephardic music, both traditional and developing styles. She also continues her research and fieldwork on music in the lives of Crypto-Jews in Portuguese villages. Other ongoing projects include roots of Sephardic singing in the medieval Iberian musical world, and work with traditional music of rural Spain and Portugal, as well as music of the Balkans, French Canada and other Sephardic diaspora cultures. She recently returned from Morocco, on a brief exchange project teaching Moroccan songs to a group of young Muslim women singers. 

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e-mail – judithc@yorku.ca

Website – http://www.yorku.ca/judithc/

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