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Kenneth Brown

Born:                                       Oct. 16, 1949, Philadelphia, PA
Marital Status:                         Married to Dr. Rachel L. Schmidt; 3 children
Home address:                                    2260 Uxbridge Dr. NW Calgary, Canada T2N 3Z4 (preferred)
Home telephone:                     403-282-3792
University address:                 Dept. of French, Italian & Spanish  Craigie Hall C308
                                                University of Calgary 2500 University Drive, NW
                                                Calgary, Alberta  Canada  T2N 1N4
                                                Tel.:     403-220-2584; Cell: 403-554-7945;  Fax: 403-284-3634    
                                                email:   brownk@ucalgary.ca
Legal Status   U.S. and Canadian dual citizen
Central High School, Philadelphia, PA 1963-1967. Academic honors (Barnwell) and Spanish Prize.
The University of Pennsylvania, Spanish Language and Literature, 1967 (Ford Foundation Grant for U of P's College of General Studies).
B.A., The Pennsylvania State University, Hispanic Languages & Literatures, magna cum laude, Aug. 1970.
M.A., The Pennsylvania State Univ., Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Aug. 1972.  M.A. comps.
in highest category.
Ph.D, The Pennsylvania State Univ., Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Aug. 1975. 
Teaching Degree for BUP (official), la Universitat de Barcelona and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Spain, in Catalan Philology, June 1977.
ACTFL Oral Proficiency Workshop, April 1990, Syracuse University.

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