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Dominique Tomasov Blinder

Dominique Tomasov Blinder was born in New York and raised in Buenos Aires where she earned a Master in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Her professional experience includes Argentina, USA and Spain. 
In Barcelona since 1991, she is a lay leader in the local Jewish Community which leads to her focusing on the study, preservation, dissemination and advocacy of Jewish Heritage.
Founder of Urban Cultours project (1999), co-founder of the Barcelona Jewish Heritage Commission (2006-2007) and of the Center of Studies Zakhor (2008-2012). She is one of the promoters of the Landmarking of the Ancient Jewish Cemetery in Barcelona, co director of the Research Project to Define its Limits and co editor of the book Funerary Tradition in Judaism.
e-mail: tomasovd@gmail.com

website: http://www.urbancultours.com/MONTJUIC/

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