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Ram Ben Shalom 


1996- Ph.D Tel Aviv University
Dissertation: The Image of Christian Culture in the Historical Consciousness of the Jews of Twelfth to Fifteenth Century Spain and Provence [Hebrew].

1990 - M.A cum laude, The Department of Jewish History, Tel Aviv University.
Thesis: Isaac Nathan "Meor Galutenu". Leadership, Polemic and Intellectual Creativity at the Centre of the Life of Provence Jewry in the Fifteenth Century [Hebrew].

1986- B.A cum laude, The Department of Jewish History and the Department of General and interdisciplinary Studies, Tel Aviv University.


E-mail address: ram.ben-shalom@mail.huji.ac.il

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Yaron Ben Naeh 

Professor, History of the Jewish People & Cont. Jewry Department
Director, Misgav Yerushalayim Research Institute
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Date of Birth: 28.11.65
Country of Birth: Israel
Married + 2
Permanent address: 31 Bustenai St., Jerusalem 93229
Tel.: 02-5355059

(in chronological order) - At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem
1987-1989: B.A. (magna cum laude) in Archeology, and Jewish History.
1990-1992: M.A. (magna cum laude) in Jewish History, specializing in Ottoman Jewry.
1993-1999: Doctoral thesis, under the guidance of Prof. J.R. Hacker, titled:
'The Jewish Society in the Urban Centers of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th Century (Istanbul, Salonica & Izmir)'.
1995/6: Studied Modern & Ottoman Turkish at Bosphoros (Boğazici) University, Istanbul, and Ottoman History at Bilkent University, Ankara.
2000: Approval of Doctoral Thesis 'summa cum laude'.
2002/3-2005/6: Post-doctoral fellowship as a Mandel Scholar, Scholion Interdisciplinary Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
E-mail address: yaronbn@huji.ac.il
home page: http://www.pluto.huji.ac.il/~yaronbn/

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