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Journal of Sefardic Studies          

♦ Journal of Sefardic Studies 
ISSN 2307-9622


The Journal of Sefardic Studies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that the Society for Sefardic Studies publishes annually. The journal includes research papers mostly based on lectures delivered in its annual international conferences that every year are dedicated to a specific topic. The papers are in all the disciplines and are exclusively dedicated to the Jews of Sefarad, that is the Iberian Peninsula, and their descendants in the Sefardi Diaspora in the east and in the west until contemporary times. 

Another section of the Journal of Sefardic Studies is the Review of Sefardic Studies which includes articles that have already been published in peer-reviewed academic journals by members of the society.
A third section Books on Sefarad presents new books that members of the society have published on any topic related to the fields of interest of the society. A brief description accompanies every book.
Research papers in the first section are published in any language in accordance with the Guidelines which are found in the site of the journal. The editors of every issue are nominated by the Executive Board in accordance with the theme treated in that issue.
Articles in the Review of Sefardic Studies are accepted in PDF in any language. A letter from the publisher of the article giving us permission to include it in the Review should accompany every article.
Books in any language published by members of the society to be included in Books on Sefarad should be accompanied by a brief description in English. A copy of the book should be sent to the Society. 


♦  Issue number 1 (2013): The Position and Self-Image of Women in Sefardi Sources

♦  Issue number 2 (2014): The Encounter of the Jews of Sefarad with Islam and Muslims


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