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Jorge Afonso

Jorge Afonso is a researcher at Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa. He has a Master degree in History, which was achieved with a dissertation about the Portuguese relations with Maghreb at the end of the Ancien Régime.
His main interest is in the area of Maghreb’s Islam. However at this moment he works with the captives at Algiers Regence and their importance on geostrategic options in West Mediterranean at end of eighteen and beginning of nineteenth centuries. He also investigates the Barbary wars with European Kingdoms and United States.
The interest in Jewish communities from North Africa and Gibraltar began when he discovered, by the documentation at the Portuguese archives, that is impossible to study the relations of Portugal with Barbary States and Morocco without an approach to those communities and their importance on the resolution of diplomatical, political an financial problems of a less important State at the end of Ancien Régime.
He has published several studies and articles about these subjects.


Contact Information:

e-mail – ajorgeafonso@gmail.com

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